Services We Offer

  • Security Officer Personnel - All guards are uniformed, trained and certified by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. IDFPR Web Site
  • Vehicles - Are all radio equipped with direct communications to STPS's 24 hour headquarters in Des Plaines, IL.
  • Patrol & Response Times - 24 hours a day, seven days as needed, 365 Days a Year.
  • Uniformed Security Guards ▶

    Here at Seal-Tight Protective Services, we take pride in what we do, and what we do is provide effective and reliable security services. When you contact us to fill your security needs, you can rest assured that each member of our staff is a certified Unarmed Security Guard, as determined by the Illinois Department of Professional Services. With our reliable and certified staff, you know that your investments and assets are protected, even when you're not there. Whether you need coverage for a new construction site, hotel, shopping center, large residential property, or banking institution, you can trust our guards to protect and secure the property. All of our services can be catered to fit permanent or short-term security needs. Call us to schedule our uniformed security guards in Chicago today!

    • Gated Communities
    • Banks
    • Shopping Centers
    • Parking Garages
    • Truck/Cargo Yards
    • Manufacturing Plants
  • Event Security and VIP Protection ▶

    Whether your event requires uniformed security guards or VIP protection, you can count on Seal-Tight Protective Services to provide the needed services. With our expert professionals and vast experience, we’re confident in our ability to keep your event secure. Some of the successful jobs we’ve completed in the past include security for the following major golf events:

    The 2019 BMW Championship at Medinah, 2018 Constellation Senior Championship, 2012 Ryder Cup and the 2013 BMW Championship

    We’d love to create a customized plan for the security of your event. Simply contact us today to arrange a meeting with us. We’ll walk you step by step through the security process, until you are absolutely confident that your event will be protected. Our security services include the following:

    • Uniformed Security Officer Personnel with Equipment Tailored To Your Event
    • Uniformed Security Supervisory Personnel
    • A Dedicated Event Coordinator
    • Entrance Wands, Radio Equipped Guards
    • Roving Vehicle Patrols


    Here at Seal-Tight we go further to insure that our event staff is prepared to provide the type of professional security service you require at your specific event. Not only are our staff members certified by the State of Illinois as licensed security officers but where we differ, than other so-called security providers, is the following:

    1. Prior to the start of an event we bring in the staff that will work the event for orientation and training sessions. This often will include our customer representatives outlining exactly what is expected of us, members of State and local police and emergency departments and other instructors pertinent to the type of event it is.
    2. With the advent of technology integration in many event security environments, the need for highly trained personnel is paramount. Typically one of the most critical areas of event security is access control or screening procedures. Depending on the need of the event, proper screening procedures for walk-through metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, pat-downs, bag searches, and x-ray baggage inspection, our staff that are assigned this area of responsibility have completed additional certified training.
  • Airport Security ▶

    Dedicated security professionals with police backgrounds patrolling various areas of the airport at O'Hare Field.

  • Pre-Employment Screening ▶

     Seal-Tight Protective Services, Inc. (STPS) will perform a detailed criminal background investigative service for you. 

    The service uses one of the most advanced systems available to assure the accuracy of information found. 
     The system utilizes the following sources for checking backgrounds:
    State and County criminal record repositories
    State’s Administrative Offices of Courts
    States’ Departments of Corrections (prison, parole & release files)
    Sex offender registries
    Other State agencies (Department of Public Safety)
    Proprietary record information – collected from past criminal searches in all 50 states.
    Screen and Terrorist Watch List
    Wanted Persons Security List
    Results for the criminal background searchs are available in 24-48 hours after a background release form is received in the office.
  • Roving Security Patrols in Chicago ▶

    Adding Seal Tight's patrol services to your security plan provides a powerful deterrent to crime. Our patrol services enable businesses to maximize a security presence without the cost of full-time on-site security services. We work with our clients to customize a plan that fits your company needs and budget.

    Patrol Officers conduct property inspections using highly visible marked and/or unmarked vehicles and on foot, to ensure your premises are secure, doors are locked, and no unauthorized individuals are on site. The Patrol Service can be implemented for nearly any type of properties and can be utilized to enforce general laws, your property rules and regulations, parking issues and for response to disturbance and distress calls.

    If a situation requires the assistance of more than one unit, our officers have access to a Dispatch Center which can send additional units, police or a supervisor to help, providing added coverage and increased safety. Incidents are recorded and sent to our clients so there is no question as to what happened and how it was resolved.

  • Undercover Officers ▶

    Details coming soon

  • Security Consulting ▶

    Senior members of our staff, with extensive police background in security and loss prevention, are available to evaluate a clients security needs and to prepare a detailed implementation plan to accomplish this. This can be a one-time agreement or a permanent ongoing staff position for the client.

  • Investigations ▶

    We employ and contract licensed investigators to perform both civil and criminal investigations.

  • Background Investigations ▶

    We can assist clients in questioning employees who may be suspected of inappropriate company conduct or activities.

  • Access Control, Alarm and Security Camera Systems (referral-based) ▶

    We offer: Security Camera Systems, Access Control, Intrusion System, Residential Security, Biometrics Enhacement and Integration, Complete Monitoring Services, Fire Alarm Evacuation Systems, Remote Video/Audio Monitoring.